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Channelling Californian desert rock and Washington D.C.'s post-hardcore through the dark depths of the Bohemian woods and the gritty gambling parlors of Prague, REST IN HASTE combine the psychedelic and the mundane into muscular songs with danceable grooves, angular riffs, and bittersweet melodies. Their vision of rock goes far beyond revivalism and purposefully avoids genre clichés, constantly searching for new themes and unexpected combinations. What sets them apart from many of their peers is the focus on solid songwriting and strong vocals.

​REST IN HASTE's latest EP came out in April 2017, published in collaboration with Full Moon, the most influential Czech alternative music magazine. Its four tracks encapsulate the diversity of the band's sound. They include “Patience & Solitaire”, an epic mind-altering psycho-suite about casual games, as well as “Don’t Play Dead”, a showcase of the band at its most frantic and a high-octane manifesto for action at a time of depression and malaise.

These songs were recorded in Prague's Golden HIVE studio with engineer/producer Amak Golden, who has recently received accolades for his work on the latest KILLING JOKE record “Pylon” (2015), and with Dan Šatra, the stalwart of Czech alternative scene. The tracks were mixed by J Robbins of the GOVERNMENT ISSUE and JAWBOX fame, now a renowned producer of both heavy rock and hardcore. Ed Brooks of RFI Mastering took care of mastering duties.


Fail to Retry (CD EP), April 11, 2017

​The Realistic Sounds of Rest In Haste (MC LP), January 1, 2015

​No One Regifts Liquor​/​Burn Out Desert Fuel (Vinyl SP), December 18, 2013

For The Common Good (Digital LP), September 17, 2011


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